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Clothesline Motherhood Sessions

This year I started thinking about doing motherhood sessions sometime back in Feb or so. My idea was to do a handful of mini sessions here in my studio/sunroom with a boho vibe. But for some reason I kept putting it off. Then one day while out in the backyard with my family, I took a good long look at our old decrepit clothesline and wondered if it would be at all possible to make it look beautiful. The sun sets directly behind it, BUT my neighbor's driveway is also directly behind, and is usually full of cars + lots of other things that would definitely NOT add to a beautiful photograph. Curious to see what it could look like, I quickly grabbed an armful of white sheets and blankets and pinned them up. I asked my daughter to "model" for me, and honestly the effect wasn't half bad. So I reached out in the local mom's group for a family to come over and help me try out my plan. The photos turned out so beautifully that I felt confident in going ahead with the idea. Here are just a few of my faves.

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